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Poverty isn’t seasonal. The children of Grace Home need food and clothing year-round. Holiday season giving helps us provide for the children for much of the year but we need constant support to keep our children from going hungry.

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Grace Home Foundation @ 2023

Transportation for needy children and families in the Birmingham, Ala., area.

UN News (23 March, 2023): Next chapter shows strides in gender equality, healthNepal set to graduate from “least developed country” status.

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Grace Children's Home, March 2023: Children, staff, Nepal board members.


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To support and raise awareness of impoverished children in Nepal to improve their lives, overall health, and well-being.





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Trip for the Children to Annapurna region

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As a young man, Dasharatha Rai moved from a small village in the Himalayan foothills to Kathmandu. There he found work in the trekking industry, first as a porter and cook, then as a trek leader, organizer, and owner and founder of Grace Treks and Expeditions.

Deeply moved by the plight of orphans and indigent children in all parts of Nepal, he founded Grace Home to provide food, shelter and education to these children, first in rented facilities. With the help of organizations such as Grace Home Foundation, a permanent facility on the outskirts of Kathmandu was completed in 2017. D.R., as he is known, donates 10 percent of trek proceeds to Grace Home, and still operates Grace Treks, providing adventure travel and trekking in many parts of the Himalayas as well as the Terai region in southern Nepal.

LINK HERE to Grace International Treks and Expedition. D.R. can be reached directly at elinehe@gmail.com.

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We hope to re-establish regular newsletters and updates on progress at Grace Children's Home. Please give us your email to watch them grow and follow their triumphs. 

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Founded in 2000, Grace Children's Home provides lodging, food, clothing, protection and education for poor, vulnerable, and orphaned children. Grace Home also helps to make disabled or destitute elders self-reliant through skill development, while providing options to help with child care.

Nepal Planning Commission, UNDP, UNICEF report: Hope on the horizon: Poverty reduction in Nepal.

Grace Home Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Birmingham, Alabama, founded to provide lodging, food, clothing, protection and education for poor, vulnerable, and orphaned children in Nepal, one of the most impoverished nations on earth.

​​Since 2007, Grace Home Foundation has devoted its energy to providing a good, safe home and basic necessities for destitute children in Nepal. The 2015 earthquake severely impacted Grace Children's Home, but donations from Grace Home Foundation and others made recovery possible. But everyday needs are greater than ever. The following video documents a recent trip to Kathmandu by GHF board members.

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Dasharatha Rai leading a trek near

Mount Kanchenjunga in Sikkim, India.

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In Nepal, goods and services are 73.6 percent lower than the United States (WorldData.com). As a result, your donations will have a profound impact. Daily operations, upgrades and repairs to the facilities, and needed educational improvements, are among top priorities.
Estimated Expenses, 2023-24:
In-house Staff, monthly: $619 (5 staff members)
Living costs, monthly: $1,810 (currently
 11 children)
Education expenses, 2023-24: $250 per month, all children. Previously, public schooling transportation required two hours per day standing in a public bus on bumpy roads. Recently, a nearby private school was found, but costs are higher.

Ceiling project: During our visit in March, 2023, an inspection revealed that repairs were needed. Most crucial were open spaces in the ceiling and lack of insulation, which could result in health problems for the children. D.R. has received estimates for materials and labor ranging from $6,136 to $9,780.